Plants and Animals


Plants and animals

Copyright Walter Baxter 2012 under creative commons license OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 010613_5fbdb5ef oliphaunts - Copy (2)800px-Rhesus_Macaque_(Macaca_mulatta)_in_Kinnarsani_WS,_AP_W_IMG_5792 6609193119_56e9f4c868_b - Copy858px-Mosquito_2007-2 - Copy Pale_Grass_Blue_I_IMG_6722 (1)7626868336_28d7bbbefc_z - Copy titleMantis_shrimp_(Odontodactylus_scyllarus) - Copy 750px-Schistosoma_20041-300 - Copy800px-Arabidopsis_thaliana_inflorescencias - Copy1 3336373804_89b764813f_o - Copy

All title pictures are modified from open-source/creative commons licence images. Credits are given at the bottom of respective articles.


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