Who’d have thunk it? – Science nuggets



Who’d have thunk it? is a fortnightly round-up of new science stories, some of which are truly inspirational and some that are perhaps less so. It features the best articles from thisscienceiscrazy plus some other stuff from around the web, as well as a few scientific studies that have truly got to grips with either the dazzlingly brilliant or the painfully obvious.

title micesolar_power_satellite_concept1 - Copy2136546_6455f240 - CopytitleBbq_wood (1)Laser_play - Copy - CopyWhite_shark - CopyDiplodocus_cknight (1)800px-Arsenal_vs_Borussia_Dortmund - Copy6609193119_56e9f4c868_b 800px-Various_cheesesKangaroo and Joey800px-Homemade_fusion_reactor

Top photo is open source/Creative Commons licence.
Credit: mate2code

All title pictures adapted from opensource/Creative Commons licence images. Credits given at bottom of respective article pages.


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