Why does science work?


earth atom

It may seem like a weird question to ask but can you remember the last time science didn’t work?

In fact, science often doesn’t work. At the cutting edge of science new evidence is constantly uncovered which means the position, or consensus, is constantly changing. Weirdly enough, the way that science changes is where its strength lies: it constantly evolves to reflect new ideas, new interpretations and new data.

At the heart of science is a simple idea: if you think you know how something works, test it. Experiments are used to provide evidence for whether a theory is right or wrong. This simple idea is part of what is called scientific method.





Pictures developed from open-source/Creative Commons licence images.

Credits: Halfdan and NASA (Top); Benjah-bmm27 (What’s the point of experiments); diacritica (What’s a fair test?)

Text © thisscienceiscrazy. If you want to use any of the writing or images featured on this blog, please credit and link back to the original source as described HERE.


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